our treatments

  • Body-Vinotherapy treatment
  • 120

    Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • This ritual uses four stages of execution: Purification: with slow and circular movements we are going to make an exfoliation and purification on the whole body with a scrub with mineral salts and oil with grape must.
  • – Cleansing: by applying vine leaves on the various drainage points, we are going to stimulate the return lymphatic circulation, with vasotonic properties, eliminating even more the impurities and the excess of sebum, cleansing the skin in depth.
  • – Nourishment: consists in wrapping the body in the cartene for 20 minutes to resume its temperature. The substances present in the body allow, through the receptors of the skin, to penetrate deeper giving deep nourishment and hydration. In the meantime a gentle massage will be done on the face, neck and decoltè to accompany in order to reach a deep rest.
  • – Relaxation: we conclude with a gentle, enveloping and relaxing massage on the whole body with warm oil and grape must which has antioxidant, relaxing, nourishing and hydrating properties and leave a feeling of velvety softness on the skin throughout the body
  • 35

    Duration 50 minutes
  • Aromatic foot bath, exfoliating peeling plus nourishing mask and complete pedicure. An aesthetic-curative treatment according to the needs, for the well-being and the beauty of the foot.
  • Aromatic massage with grape must
  • 85 / 55

    Duration 50 minutes / Duration 30 minutes
  • It is a relaxing and soothing massage that induces a deep sense of well-being and harmony. Aromatic oils that possess particularly relaxing and cellular renewal properties. Specific maneuvers are performed with long, extremely enveloping movements that induce total relaxation. The atmosphere is made even more pleasant and relaxing by the use of scented candles and aromatic incenses: a few drops of hot aromatic essence are dropped on the areas to be relaxed that will be gently and slowly massaged, encouraging the right breathing and the resulting psychophysical relaxation of the person.
  • Massage with candles to hot vegetable butters
  • 70 / 55

    Duration 50 minutes / Duration 30 minutes
  • Wonderful emotional journey with a delicious and fragrant all-natural candle that gently melts into a voluptuous massage oil leaving the skin soft and silky. We allow ourselves to be pampered by the pleasant sensation of the drops, of the light vegetable butter fluid, which slowly warmed by the flame, arrives on the skin with a gentle warmth, dissolving the tensions, giving pleasure and restoring tone and vigor to the body, freeing it from stress and fatigue. reloading it to total well-being. Pedicure and Manicure
  • Peeling with grape must
  • 50

    Duration 50 minutes
  • In winetherapy grape must is a precious ingredient against skin aging. It contains polyphenols which have draining and toning properties. The winetherapy scrub nourishes, hydrates, exfoliates, stimulates and regenerates the skin; all in one treatment.
  • Crio treatment Tired legs
  • 60

    Duration 40 minutes
  • Treatment that improves the lymphatic return and lightens heavy legs, feet and swollen ankles. It consist in a gentle massage performed by digito-pressure with an energetic gel on the soles of the feet, easing tensions. Also a draining modeling of the legs and a bandage to cryo-Yin plants that eliminate fatigue and bring immediate lightness. The legs are redesigned and the hydrated skin rediscovers its softness.
  • 20

    Duration 50 minutes
  • Peeling plus nourishing mask and complete manicure for the beauty of your hands. The peeling allows to clean the epidermis in depth, eliminating the superficial cells and the mask gives elasticity and silkiness to the skin.
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