“Horse riding and therapy in Tuscany”


Tuscany is one of the most historic and beautiful parts of Italy. It’s an incredible place to explore, and enjoy sites as diverse as roe deer grazing and fishing ships lining a harbour side. You can drive around the Tuscan countryside, and you can also explore the many hiking trails in the province. However, one of the best ways to experience Tuscany is on horseback.
If you are looking to go horse riding in Italy, Tuscany is one of the most beautiful places to do it. There are many horse riding holidays that you can book before you go. Alternatively, you can find a Tuscan riding school, or simply hire a guide and a horse for the day. There are horseback trails throughout Tuscany, to suit all different horse riding abilities.

The health benefits of horse riding in Tuscany:

One of the biggest benefits you get from taking to horseback in Tuscany, is that you can escape from traffic and busy tourist areas, and immerse yourself in the countryside of the region. This is excellent horse riding therapy which can provide several benefits to your health.
– Help with strengthening core muscles and improving coordination. This happens as you ride and your body starts to move with the motion of the horse.
– Improved speed of thought. You need to be quick thinking when you are in charge of a powerful animal like a horse. This can help to keep your brain in a healthier state.
– Toning of muscles. Your thighs and pelvic muscles are toned as you ride a horse.
– Improved relaxation and clarity of thought. When you are on horseback, you are in the moment. This helps you to relax and think more clearly.

All of these benefits can be obtained from a period of horseback trekking in the glorious Tuscan countryside.

Horse trekking trails in Tuscany:

Wherever you go in Tuscany, you can find horse trekking trails to suit different skill levels. Do not be over ambitious at first. If you are new to riding, you may want to try one of the 95 minute treks at the resort of Montaione. Choosing an easy trail like this means that you can relax and really enjoy the experience.

There are several horse trekking itineraries you may want to try, depending on your level of skill.
Via de Cavalleggeri trail where you can visit the watch towers of Pisa, Livorno and Grosseto. This trail starts in Maremma and takes you through the stunning Maremma parkland.
The Horse Trail of the Sacred Forests which passes an array of castles, churches and abbeys, in the Castenino area. You can also experience the awesome mountain forests and there are different lengths of trail to discover, depending on how long you want to spend on horseback.
The San Jacopo Trail which takes you to Vinci where Leonardo Da Vincl was born. You can also visit vineyards for some wine tasting along the way. As with the other trails mentioned, there are many viewpoints along the way where you can simply stop for a while and admire the breathtaking scenery.

What you can expect to see on horseback in Tuscany:

Depending on which trail you choose, there are many different sights you can see while horseback trekking in Tuscany. You can travel through large forests and along pristine beaches. You can also stop off to see some of the incredible architecture for which the area is famous. There is something different to see around every corner. Guests at Montebelli can experience all the benefits of horse therapy .