Dear friends,
We are proud to launch a new edition of Coming Back to Center ‘Finding your Lighthouse’ designed especially for young adults of ages 18 – 32.

Millennials  are our future and we feel the importance to support and connect this age group with their resources, power and potential towards an impactful presence for a better world.

What is Coming Back to Center
Coming Back To Center is a series of workshops dedicated to personal growth and self
cultivation. Since 2012 we have touched hundreds of individuals who have transformed their
lives as they learned more about themselves, their dreams and what it takes to live a more
fulfilled life.
The Finding Your Lighthouse workshop is a special edition dedicated to the Millenials, those
who were born between 1984 and 2000, a generation that is at a cross road with important life
decisions around their careers, their purpose, how to have impact in the world, who to trust,
love and follow and how to lead. This is a time where they have set sails for the open sea and
need to navigate these waters skilfully in order to reach harbour. A way to find a lighthouse that
will help them move forward with excitement and a strong sense of direction.
In a time where the accent seems to be on instant gratification, on doing rather than being, on
speed over pace, to the Millenials Coming Back To Center can represent the opportunity to
slow down and connect with the wisdom of the body. A way to rediscover the power of being in
the present moment, as well as feeling the excitement of what the future holds while centering
in the unknown.
We will spend our time discovering ways to be open and curious and to be connected to
ourselves, others and the world. We will stay in the question of what it takes to be in love with life,
how to keep the sense of excitement and participation to the miracle of life which unfolds
before us every day.
We will use art, music, poetry, movement to express our creativity and imagination and we will
partner with nature to allow insights to emerge and discover more about what we care about
most and how to move effectively towards our longings.

Somatics, Expressive Arts and Horses
Our approach is a unique blend of Somatic Coaching – primarily based on the Strozzi Institute
methodology of Embodied Learning (see – Expressive Arts and Horse and
Leadership Coaching. This is a holistic approach where concepts are introduced and then
experienced through physical practice; the result leads to sustainable transformation through new
actions and behaviors that are more aligned with what you care about.
Somatics: Whatever we do as human beings we do in our bodies. The sum total of our history
lives in our body. We are predisposed to act out of the conditioning of this history. Wherever we
are, our bodies and our history are present. This is so obvious and simple we overlook it. The
human mind is an integral part of the body, but it is only one part. As we learn to use the
intelligence and wisdom of the body we are able to take new sustainable actions which were not
available to us before.
Expressive Arts: Expressive Arts uses the five artistic disciplines: dance, drama, music, visual
arts, and poetry to help individuals explore themselves through spontaneous discovery. It enables
people to understand themselves and their emotions through art by moving into the creative
process. It uses the arts as its basis for discovery and change.
Horses: Working with horses is one of the most direct and rapid ways to build awareness about
one’s own energetic presence and leadership style. Horses respond to clarity of direction, honesty
and openness. Horses, without judgment or agenda, can open your eyes to what is working for
you and what is not in how you interact with others, approach challenges and strive to achieve
goals. They also highlight team dynamics, showing how people coordinate action under pressure.

Why Join
As many of the participants to the previous workshops would tell you, what Coming Back to
Center has to offer is difficult to summarise in a list, let alone a short one. However, for practical
reasons, here are some of the learnings which you can expect and the promises we make to you.
Learnings include
– Discovering what we cares about most, the longings and desires that we wishes to bring to life
and crafting the roadmap to reach a destination that will produce excitement, satisfaction and
– Opening ourself to our inner lighthouse to be able to connect and explore new possibilities
– Understanding our habitual responses under pressure and stress, what triggers us and why
– Understanding of the causes of our triggers
– Stronger and more grounded presence, which will allow better connection with one’s self and
others and will increase the ability to generate trust and deal with stressful situations
– Experiencing of a broader range of emotions, more effective actions, more balance
– Access to a range of new practices necessary to build a new self capable of living in the body
and able to take new actions through time.
What we promise
– A safe, intimate and protected environment where you will be able to learn, share and grow and
where there will be no judgment
– Rich conversations and learning within a well structured program
– An experiential, creative and innovative approach, far from conventional teaching and training
– A qualified group of Coaches who will ensure the highest standards of content and delivery
– The beautiful and powerful Tuscan landscape, which will accelerate opening and learning

What we expect from you
– To be fully present and, as much as possible, to not distracted by other commitments
– To be curious and open to experiment, share and listen
– To be respectful of others and mindful of the larger group’s needs and requests

Coming Back to Center will be held at Montebelli, an eco friendly country hotel with over 100
hectares of organic farm6″ where award winning organic wine and extra virgin olive oil are
produced. Montebelli offers a number of facilities including tennis, swimming pool, spa, and horse
activities, and is located approximately 100 Km south of Pisa which is the nearest airport (also
served by British Airways and Turkish Airlines).
For more info visit
Workshop dates
June 20-23; the workshop will start on the evening of June 20th and will end on the 23rd at noon.
Workshop Cost €1300 double occupancy (€ 1550 single occupancy) inclusive of:
– Workshop fee
– 3 nights at Montebelli Country Hotel
full board (breakfast, lunch, dinners and coffee breaks and wine tasting experience)
– Free entrance to alumni practice reunions in Istanbul

The cost doesn’t include transportation and extras at the hotel, 50% of the fee is required
on registration, 50% by June 1st.
Montebelli can assist you with the organization of the transportation from and to Pisa or
Rome airport.
For more information on the workshop content you can contact Gila Seritcioglu or Giulio Brunini and go to To book please contact or call
+390566887100 and ask for Eleonora or Virginia.