3 beaches in Tuscany you really don’t want to miss out

When you think of Tuscany, beautiful countryside is probably what immediately comes to mind. It’s true that the rolling fields and vineyards of this Italian province are stunning. However, countryside is not all that Tuscany has to offer. There are also several impressive beaches in this part of the world.

You can combine hiking and biking along country lanes with time spent lying on golden sands, snorkelling or kite surfing. This range of choice makes Tuscany the perfect location for a family vacation as there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at three of the best Tuscany beaches that you will not want to miss.

La Feniglia:

If you are looking for the best sandy beaches in Tuscany, La Feniglia is definitely a place you should visit. There are several attributes which make this an excellent sandy beach to visit in Tuscany.

– Wide expanses of sand dunes.
– 7 kilometres in size.
– Crystal clear water.
– Family friendly.
– Pinewoods to walk through close by.

Located in the southern part of the Monte Argentario peninsula, this beach is a great place to visit on a family vacation.

Punta Ala:

If you want to spend time at Tuscany beaches that are easy to reach, Punta Ala is a good place to visit. There are two beaches in the area. The most popular of the beaches has calm water and can be reached easily with a short walk. It’s a good beach for relaxing on but it can get busy during peak summer months. The second beach can be reached by car and foot and stretches for 2 kilometres.

Both beaches are surrounded by a resort area where it’s easy to get something to eat or drink. You do not have to venture far to seek refreshment, or shelter from the sun for a while.


The beaches in Talamone are ideal if you are looking for the best Tuscany beaches for activities. You can take a sail in the area, or participate in windsurfing or kitesurfing. There is also a rocky area which is the perfect place to try some scuba diving. This area is an ideal place to visit for anyone who wants to spend time being active at the beach rather than just sitting relaxing on the sand all day.

The three beaches we have mentioned are some of the best you can find in Tuscany. They each provide something different, from glorious expanses of sand to calm waters and the opportunity for adventure. Remember that this is just a small selection of the impressive beaches that can be found along the Tuscan coastline.

If you are visiting this part of Italy you should spend time in, or close to, the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as exploring the countryside that covers much of the rest of the region. Visitors to Montebelli Agriturismo have the opportunity to do just this. The three stunning beaches mentioned are all close by, in the Maremma area of Tuscany, and Montebelli is surrounded by stunning countryside which visitors can explore by car, bike or on foot. It’s a combination of experiences that makes for a