Holistic Beauty

Inspired by a philosophy based on simplicity

Inspired by a philosophy based on simplicity, the Montebelli Spa offers its guests, all year-round, maximum comfort to keep the balance between mind and body, integrating physical and sporting activities.

The Spa has a heated swimming pool equipped with hydro massage jets, counter-current swimming and a massaging waterfall fountain, as well as a Turkish bath, sauna, relaxing showers, resting areas where herbal teas are served, relaxing rooms with chromotherapy, two massage cabins and changing rooms. The health centre for our guests is free of charge.

The Wellness Center was specially designed by our architects to allow our guests to have direct contact with the outer natural environment, especially during the summer season, and it was conceived for people with disabilities to gain easy access.

Our highly qualified staff uses exclusively natural organic essential oils and offers a wide range of massages and beauty treatments for all seasons. We believe that our general wellbeing comes from the balance of body and mind along with regular outdoor activity and a healthy diet. We strive to give you a holistic wellness experience.

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Aroma Touch
The AromaTouch Technique was first developed by Dr.David Hill, a world wide expert on the appliction of essential oils. This technique produces a profound whole-body wellness experience reducing stress and inflammation, supporting the immune system and balancing the autonomic nervous system.
The treatment involves four different phases using different oils along with simple manual technique.

1. Stress Management
A relaxing and balancing massage treatment supported by the use of two DoTerra essential oils; the first a proprietari essential oil called BALANCE which includes Spruce, Rosewood, Frankincense, and Blue Tansy. This oil promotes whole body relaxation and evokes feelings of tranquility and balance. The second oil is LAVANDER, which has been cherished for its unmistakable aroma and therapeutic properties for thousands of years. It is widely used for its calming and relaxing properties.

2. Immune Support
A massage treatment that focuses on physical strain and is supported by two DoTerra essential oils; the first is MELALEUCA, more commonly called “tea tree”, has 90 different compounds and limitless applications. It promotes healthy immune function. The second oil is ON GUARD a proprietary essential oil blend including Wild Orange, Clove Bud, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. This blend is also a support for healty immune function, and helps protect against environmental threats.

3. Inflammatory Response
This massage treatment eases muscle tensions and is suitable for sport players. It is supported by two DoTerra essential oils, both proprietary blends. The first is AROMA TOUCH which features Basil, Grapefruit, Cypress, Marjoram, Peppermint, and Lavander. This blend relaxes muscles, calm tensions, soothes joints and promotes circulation. The second is DEEP BLUE which features Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, German Camomile, Helichrysum, and Osmanthus. This blend provides relief for sore muscles and achy joints that can be felt almost immediately.

4. Homeostasis
This massage helps regain chemical-physical balance in our bodies and is supported by two DoTerra essential oils. The first is WILD ORANGE, this essential oil is energizing and revitalizing to the mind and body. The second is PEPPERMINT, this essential oil is a favorite and provides a myrid of health benefits, including healthy respiratory function and clear breathing.

Ayurvedic Massage
The Ayurvedic Massage (traditionally known as Abhyanga) is practiced on the whole body with warm essential oils. Ayurveda means “Knowledge of Life”; it treats the body, the mind and the soul. Ayurveda isn’t solely of Indian tradition but has gained universal value as it finds application amongst different cultures.

Other Types of Massage
Antistress – regenerating Massage; Olive Oil Massage; Decontracting Massage; Relaxing Massage; Sport Massage; Lymphodraining Massage; Candle Massage; California Massage.


What makes grapes or wine so beneficial for skin health? The polyphenois are the main contributor found in the grape seeds, a powerful antioxidant which acts as a free radical scavenger – defending the skin, promoting tissue elasticity and creating a more youthful appearance.
Treatments with grape peel and sea salt are the perfect scrub to eliminate dead cells and make the skin look radiant, nourished and restored. In ancient times women used Vinotherapy for total body relaxation and for soothing the skin and stimulating collagen synthesis as well as supporting capillary health.

Wine therapy body treatment
This treatment is divided in 4 phases:
Purify: with slow and circular movements the body is scrubbed with the sea salt and grape essential oil. This is done to exfoliate and purify the skin.
Cleanse: fresh vine leaves are applied on the various draining points, stimulating the lymphatic circulation, eliminating impurities and supporting the capillary system.
Sustain: the body is wrapped into special paper for 20 minutes until it reaches its normal temperature. The body then absorbs all the substances, bringing tissue elasticity and deep hydration. During relaxation a soft facial and neck massage is applied.
Relax: a final soft and relaxing massage with hot essential grape oil is given to enhance a youthful appearance, wellbeing and a highly hydrated and velvety skin.

Body reducing and toning treatment
This treatment combats skin cellulite imperfections by use of hot products like coffee and chilli pepper thus reactivating microcirculation and dissolving localized adiposity which are subsequentely expelled by the body.

Peeling with grape must
Grape must is a valuable ingredient against skin aging. The polyphenols contained in it have also draining and invigorating properties. The wine therapy scrub provides for a nourished, exfoliated and totally restored skin.

Beauty Manicure
Peeling, deep nourishing mask and manicure. A total beauty treatment for your hands. The peeling allows you to deeply cleanse the skin by removing the cells on the surface and the mask helps restore elasticity and smoothness.

Beauty Pedicure
Aromatic foot bath, exfoliating scrub and nourishing mask. An all round pedicure. A beauty and healing treatment for healthy feet.

Facial cleanse: this treatment it’s recommended against imperfections and uncleanliness. It rebalances the sebaceous secretion and skin thickness, ensuring a mat effect all day.

75.15 Treatment: this lifting treatment has a pulling and filling effect, improving the look on the face enhancing elasticity as well as improving the consistency of the tissues.

Lime Treatment: this treatment, thanks to vitamin”C” of the citruses, helps repair and restore the structure of the skin cells. It’s recommended for dehydrated and undernourished skins. Very effective against stress ed out skin.
(50 minutes € 60)

armpits, arms, legs, bikini, totale back or chest, eyebrows, lips, sideburns