Everything is connected ..
We can consciously use this connection, every human being is a direct line with the same force that generates everything. This connection needs space.

The Ceremonial of Ayurveda wants to bring awareness in giving itself a Space of Harmony, Beauty and Listening.

Pause on these words, let them vibrate within you and listen to them heartily.
This commitment will be an integral part of this journey.
This treatment contemplates the stimulation of all the senses, the smell through the perfume of the oils, the hearing with listening to pieces with harmonious frequencies, the touch through the sweet and sensitive touch of the therapist, the sight with the vision of the magic space created for the ceremonial and the taste with the tasting of Ayurvedic teas.
The ceremonial of Ayurveda is a unique and unforgettable treatment, due to the sensation that the body will subtly lead to the soul.

Our therapists Monica and Antonella are specialized in Ayurveda, here are the treatments we offer:

Total Body Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage (ABYANAGAM)

Particularly individual massage suited to the needs of each individual and his / her type of constitution (dosha). Gentle treatment that helps to restore the psychophysical balance and the quiet of mind. It is practiced with precious, pleasantly warmed herbal oils. The aim is to rebalance the doshas, ​​vata, pitta, kapha and is an excellent method of aid for imbalances such as stress and anxiety. In the longer version of the massage (of 90 ‘), the masseur focuses mainly on the part that needs more attention (eg back, neck, legs …)
(duration about 60 minutes, € 80.00)
(duration about 90 minutes € 120.00)

Energy Awakening (MARMABYANGAM)

One of the most powerful Ayurvedic massage techniques. Awaken energy by freeing energetic and emotional blocks. The manual skills of pressure or vibration help to develop awareness.
(duration about 60 minutes, € 85.00)

Joint massage (MURI ABYANGAM)

By gently massaging the joints with the application of warm oil, the tensions that we somatize at the joint level are released, thus giving flexibility and vigor.
It massages: ankles, knees, column, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, cervical and head.
(duration about 60 minutes, € 85)

Massage with warm pads (OTHADAM)

Relieves pains in general, with a simple technique, complete body oleation and the application of tampons containing various herbs are applied
On painful areas and in the presence of contractures.
(lasting about 60 minutes, € 85)

Ayurvedic lymphatic massage (NEERABYANGAM)

Very effective treatment, light and rhythmic dexterity stimulate the lymphatic circulation facilitating the elimination of excess liquids and giving a light sensation of lightness.
(duration about 60 minutes,€ 85.00)

Partial Ayurveda massage

Treatment for the cervical area (GRIVABHIANGA)

Partial treatment dedicated to the cervical area and shoulders, is indicated for muscle contractures, painful symptoms of the cervical spine, states of fatigue, stress from mental and postural stress, headaches.
(duration about 30 minutes, € 55.00)

Back massage (TANDABHYANGA)

Partial treatment dedicated to the back, acts by pacifying the principle of Vata so it is indicated for muscle contractures, states of fatigue, stress from mental and postural stress. The stimulation of the back and shoulder muscular structures act in depth, with a balancing and harmonizing action. It can be followed by local heat treatment.
(duration about 30 minutes, € 60.00)

Ayurvedic facial treatment (MUKHABHYANGA)

Suitable for the three constitutions (Dosha). General benefits: rejuvenating, relieves fatigue, strengthens the body, nourishes the skin and gives tone to all the tissues of the body, improves the brightness of the face by softening wrinkles, thoroughly cleanses the skin freeing it from impurities, oxygenates the tissues thoroughly. According to selected medicated oils and varying dexterity, Mukhabhyanga is a useful complement in the treatment of muscular rigidity of the face, of the tension in the jaw.
(duration about 30 minutes, € 60.00)

Ayurvedic head treatment (SHIROABHYANGA)
It belongs to the therapies of the head’s oligation (Snehana). General indications: suitable for Pitta and Vata Dosha.
Useful for insomnia, energy loss, anxiety, headache (generic), helps weak memory, gives rebalance to nervous states.
(duration about 30 minutes, € 60.00)

Ayurvedic hand treatment (HASTABHYANGA)
Suitable for the three constitutions (Dosha)
Relaxing, softening, relieves tiredness and stress, useful for elderly people and for those who perform manual work. Relieves nervousness, gives lightness and psycho-physical relaxation, activates the Aria element and acts on the 4th Chakra.
(duration about 25 minutes, € 45.00)

Ayurvedic foot treatment (PADABHYANGA)
Suitable for the three constitutions (Dosha).
Relaxing, it has an action on the Marma points (energetic), it takes care of the stiffness and it improves the articular flexibility, it contrasts the numbness, it is a reactivating of the circulation, useful for the swollen feet and the retention at the extremities. It gives psycho-physical stability by activating the Earth element, acting on the 1st Chakra
(duration about 25 minutes, € 45.00)

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