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Our History

For the last quarter of a century we have established our farming and hospitality business in Tuscany where we were among the pioneers in the Maremma area to introduce organic farming for both wine and extra virgin olive oil. The tradition of wine making is deeply rooted in our family history as this is the 5th generation that has been involved in the production of wine which started in Puglia with the Primitivo di Manduria.

The simple and yet powerful guiding principle which we have applied behind every business decision has been “love for nature, care and respect for people” and this has led us to build a vision for Montebelli which is not based merely on commercial gain and financial growth but rather on a longing to contribute to the wellbeing of those who use our products and services.
We strongly believe that the land responds to these principles and gives back in the form of quality wine year after year, almost recognizing and honoring our intention to work and live life with moral integrity and a sense of a larger purpose.

It is not a coincidence that Montebelli has become a destination for many workshops devoted to personal growth and is serving as a place of awakening for the many people who are committed to their journey of self-cultivation.

We have taken a different view and are pursuing what we believe is a more sustainable approach where business logics of quality and excellence coexist with human values of love, care and respect. We believe this is our responsibility as conscious farmers, wine makers and human beings.

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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:
Our vision is to make Montebelli more than a holiday resort, a Place of Awakening, an award-winning wellness destination dedicated to inspiring Life in Balance. A resort where people come to learn more about self cultivation, personal growth, how to fulfill their own potential and how to live a life with purpose and meaning.

Our Mission:
To commit our resources to make the world a better place for our next generations by providing services and products that contribute to be better human beings in a more sustainable Nature and Planet.
Our Agriturismo and Country hotel aims to fulfill the needs of the evolutionary tourist who:
Cares about the ecological issues
Needs a break from urban and work pressure
Looks for authentical experiences
Strives for self-improving and uses own spare time to invest on the self
Appreciates the value for money, and not the lowest price
Wishes to enjoy life, but looking for quality and truth and not superficial luxury
Our Organic Farming aims to:
Produce and offer organic top quality products (wine and extra virgin olive oil) in a sustainable way
Become more and more eco-sustainable in the full respect of nature
Respond to the emerging trends in wine consumption and demand that are in line with Montebelli’s vision, like: sustainability, simplicity, authenticity, indulgence

The simple and yet powerful guiding principle which we apply behind every business decision is “love for nature, care and respect for people” and this has led us to build a vision for Montebelli which is not based merely on commercial gain and financial growth but rather on a longing to contribute to the wellbeing of our guests and of those who use our products and services

Our Symbols

The Labirynth

The first version of a labyrinth was found carved into the rock of a Neolithic chambered tomb in Sardinia and dates back to 2500 – 2000 BC. Since then labyrinths have kept fascinating man’s imagination and have been found through centuries everywhere, in cathedrals, parks, gardens, reproduced in paintings, sculptures and often found in hidden corners of the world, nested in nature where the roads are less travelled.
It is believed to symbolise mother earth and to have healing powers, as the practice of losing oneself eventually leads to finding oneself following the many twists and turns, which so powerfully represent life, and as we let our inner voice guide us towards the center of the labyrinth which can also be seen as our center, our core self.
Labyrinths are often described as human platforms for spiritual journeys, a place for walking meditation that holds a feminine, embracing energy where we can connect more easily to our own intuition and imagination and also make contact with our life vision and purpose. Walking the labyrinth, is an opportunity to make contact with our bodily self, with our sensations, movements, temperature, shape, texture, touch and become aware of the present moment.

Oak Tree

The Oak Tree is a landmark at Montebelli.

It is said to be over five hundred years old and to have survived a lightening which almost burned it down. It enjoys perhaps the most spectacular view of the farm, situated on the tip of the western hill with 360 degree panorama that allows a perfect view of Caldana and vista on Giuncarico, Montepescali, Vetulonia and the rolling hills that spread towards Il Puntone on the Mediterranean Sea.

Beyond the beautiful views, what makes the Oak Tree special is the energy that it holds, a point of spiritual significance which seems to keep the ecosystem of Montebelli in perfect equilibrium. A place for meditation, for deep conversations, for powerful photography or simply a perfect excuse for a healthy walk, whatever the reason, the Oak Tree at Montebelli should not be missed if you ever come to visit us.
“The awesome ancient oak tree at Montebelli is an invitation for self-reflectoin and spiritual contemplation”